June 22, 2021


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When high-tech bottles wine

Aging your wine with care, choosing to uncork a grand cru right when it reaches maturity, observing with squinting eyes the color of its dress in the transparency of a crystal glass then putting a sip in the mouth to soak up of its flavor, and smile …

In 2021, we drink less, but better. According to the Sowine / Dynata 2021 barometer edition, 51% of French people today consider themselves to be “enlightened amateurs” (compared to 35% in 2010). And the younger generations are not left out: 49% of 26-35 year olds fall into this category!

It is therefore not surprising that digital technology and technology are increasingly inviting themselves into this world that we thought was reserved for a niche of slightly “old school” enthusiasts. With the first advantage of being able to learn about wine via the internet and buy good bottles (at 46%!), But also to recreate the ideal atmosphere of a professional cellar, remotely manage its contents or taste a wine without even removing its cork …

Gadgets or real tools to aid tasting, connected accessories related to wine have multiplied in a few years. According to Dominique Gandy, director of the “Blanc et Cuisine” activity for Fnac Darty “Pleasure household appliances are very much in vogue and have even known in 2020 a peak ”. With, on connected wine cabinets, an increase in sales of 316%: “In “large household appliances” is the second category to post the strongest growth.

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