November 30, 2021

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Weasyn My Kitchen, the smart app that avoids waste

Each year in France, a range of 20 to 30 kg of food waste is generated per inhabitant. According to the Ecological Transition Agency (Ademe), a family of four throws away the equivalent of 650 euros of food in twelve months. To avoid this mess, the start-up Weasyn, created by Oanh Tran Thien in April 2020 at EuraTechnologies in Lille, developed an anti-food waste application.

Baptized ” Weasyn My Kitchen », It helps to manage the stock of the whole kitchen, from the contents of the refrigerator to the freezer to the cupboards. Instructions for use: you must first scan the bar codes of the products you buy. The start-up has integrated into its algorithm an estimated shelf life by type of product, because the best before dates are not integrated in a barcode.

An anti-waste index

Fresh products like fruits and vegetables are entered manually, including any production from the vegetable garden. And, if it is compatible, you can directly save the list of races ordered on your drive. This part of stock management, which then allows you to see what to consume as a priority, is free.

But, unlike other existing solutions, the application makes this stock intelligent. In return for a subscription of 4.99 euros per month which is decreasing, it offers recipes based on the food available in the kitchen, taking into account the number of people at the table. Above all, via the algorithm of this machine learning-based software, Weasyn establishes an exclusive “smart anti-waste score”.

“This index ranks recipes in order of priority according to the dates of consumption, to avoid wasting. This is our added value ”, explains Oanh Tran Thien. You also have to remember to remove what has been consumed from the application’s memory. “If we have chosen a recipe, the ingredients will be automatically deleted,” adds the founder of Weasyn, which currently has around a hundred subscribers. It plans to apply its application to the management of other areas of the house such as the dressing room, the cellar or the pharmacy.

Creation date : 2020
President: Oanh Tran Thien
Effective : 1 person
Sector: software