June 7, 2023


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VIDEO. Covid-19: offices on casters, green lights … Solutions to better protect employees

A green light that indicates if a desk is empty so as not to unnecessarily manipulate a doorknob. Tables and chairs that move on wheels, just to keep your distance. Here are some of the solutions offered by the company Steelcase to protect employees in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Based in Schiltigheim, Alsace, this specialist in office furniture works on the integration of barrier measures in a professional environment. The objective is to make the equipment configurable at will to allow employees to withdraw when they wish.

In convivial spaces, the benches disappear, for example, to make room for individual chairs. The two key words of the company are flexibility and modularity. “Everything is designed in a very fluid, very light way”, comments Nathalie Rigaut, consultant for Steelcase workspaces.

The other objective of the Alsatian company is to make the barrier measures “invisible” by integrating them into the decor. In particular, it replaces the plexiglass walls with plants. “The goal is to avoid putting things everywhere that remind people that we are in a tense health situation”, explains Nathalie Rigaut.

With the pandemic, the workspace adapted to health measures is in full development. It has become a market in its own right with future innovations such as virucidal materials. In Isère, the SergeFerrari group, a specialist in flexible composite materials used in architecture, has developed a canvas to kill the coronavirus. This process could be used to cover chairs, desks or even door handles.