January 27, 2023


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Union elections: FO consolidates its first place in the state civil service

Posted Dec 9 2022 at 12:34Updated 9 Dec. 2022 at 07:32 PM

It will be necessary to wait until December 16 to know the representativeness of the various unions in all public services. But the day after the closing of the elections which will have concerned some 5.6 million agents, both permanent and contractual, the Ministry of the Public Service gave this Friday the first provisional results concerning the personnel of the State.

The first lesson of this third edition of the weighing of union hearings within the State is a new abstention record. The turnout was only 45%, 5 points less than in the previous election, in 2018.

Only 45% turnout

This lesser mobilization was not accompanied by an upheaval in the trade union landscape. According to the first official results released at midday, which do not include the votes of teachers in private establishments under contract, Force Ouvrière has indeed consolidated its first place in the State, with an audience of 17.8%, up 0.6 points.

The FSU confirms its second place. It goes from 16.3% to 17.1%, up 1.3 points. The UNSA, which recovered a union that had left before 2018, obtained 16.4%, up 0.5 points. Then come the CFDT and the CGT, with a score of 11% and 13.3% respectively. At 7%, the CFE-CGC confirms its fifth place ahead of Solidaires, at 6.1%.

The abstention once again particularly affected National Education, which employs just over a million agents out of the 2.5 million in the State. The turnout was 39.80%, compared to 41.73% in 2018. The FSU obtained 34.05% of the vote, i.e. 0.9 points less than in 2018, ahead of UNSA Education, at 19.37%, which lost more than 2 points while Force Ouvrière, still third, rose 0.4 points to 14.05%.

The CGT Education of Marie Buisson fifth

The CGT Education remains behind the CFDT. But the gap between the fourth and fifth education trade union organizations narrowed under the impact of a slight increase of 0.6 points in the score of the CGT to 6.64% and an identical drop in the CFDT to 7.80%. Not enough to reshuffle the cards within the National Education, but this result is important in another circle.

The general secretary of the CGT Education, Marie Buisson, was appointed by Philippe Martinez to succeed him at the head of the central. However, if the latter showed at the last meeting of the parliament of the union that he still kept the hand, it is nonetheless contested internally. The progression of her federation is not sufficient to modify the internal climate of the confederation but a loss of audience would have clearly weighed down the chances of the trade unionist.