January 27, 2023


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TikTok: Merci Handy’s tips for seducing Generation Z

Launched in 2014 by Louis Marty and Roland Jais-Nielsen, the start-up Thanks Handy sells its colorful cosmetics on its website. To reach its main target, the young generation Z, the Parisian brand which has 30 employees has been betting on TikTok since February 2019. A winning bet since it has more than 388,000 followers on the social network. Reason for this success and advice on how to communicate.

# 1. Understanding the Tiktok spirit

If Instagram is a serious social network with ultra-polished posts, TikTok has chosen the opposite positioning: the second degree, the natural, the diversion. In short, the values ​​that Generation Z carries. ” Tiktok, it’s come as you are », Summarizes Laura Paillet, social media manager. As you are but, above all, without forgetting your humor: it is the social network of self-mockery. ” What works on TikTok, it is not the beautiful but it is the different, the creative and the authentic
She continues.


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# 2. Find sources of inspiration

All the experience gained on other social networks is of no use here. In addition to its singular spirit, TikTok has its own functioning that must be appropriated. ” You have to get into it, do some test and learn
», Recommends Laura Paillet. The first step is to spot which videos are working and analyze why and how. Successful posts will be an inspiration to create your own content. ” Watch as many videos as possible. Little by little, the algorithm refines and offers relevant content for your brand », She explains. If a video touches you, see how you could translate it into your world.

# 3. Launch his first videos

The application allows you to create short videos, in vertical format with a musical background and filters. A smartphone and a good idea are enough to make viral content. TikTok “pushes” content deemed interesting to as many subscribers as possible. ” You can have 50 subscribers and get a million views with a successful video. And gain 200 subscribers at once! However, succeeding in attracting Internet users is not easy. ” We decided to test TikTok in a “home made” way, continues the social manager community. As soon as we made jokes, the posts were a hit. As soon as we talked about the products, it didn’t work anymore. You have to free yourself, be fun and be delirious at work. “Since then, the brand has learned to highlight its products by avoiding the classic codes of advertising.

# 4. Participate in challenges

One of the successes with TikTok’s “Z’s” lies in the “challenges”. Social media chooses a theme on which the community is invited to imagine the most creative video. During confinement, TikTok for example launched the “Toilet paper wall challenge”. The principle ? Make a mountain of PQ rolls in his hallway and trick his pet over the obstacle. Participating in a challenge – with talent – can create a buzz.

# 5. Make relevant content

To address a young target, it is better to stage generation Z employees. ” I am 36 years old and internet users say to themselves ‘she looks like my teacher’ »Laughs Laura Paillet. The cosmetics brand therefore decided to call on the “youngest” of the team. “We made the bet to stage our intern Marie. She shows behind the scenes of her internship. The target, who is of the same age and has difficulty finding an internship, identifies with her. These videos convey the image of a cool box “. To increase the engagement of its subscribers, the brand asks them to find ideas for “prank” (jokes) to do internally. Proof of its success, the company has a 10% engagement rate on his posts.