January 27, 2023


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The “Saudi Red” handled 64,000 cases during November

The ambulance teams of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority succeeded in directing more than 64,000 cases in various regions of the Kingdom during last November 2022, as they transferred 45,280 cases to various medical facilities.

The authority stated that the top 3 cases that were initiated in various regions are the sick cases with 24,000 cases, followed by the cases resulting from traffic collisions with 16,200 cases, and finally the absence of awareness with 10,000 cases.

And she added: “The Makkah region was the most region in terms of the number of cases that were initiated by 19,638 cases, including 9,672 sick cases, 6,482 resulting from traffic collisions, and 3,920 unreachable accidents, followed by the Riyadh region, with 17,168 cases that were initiated, including 4,925 resulting cases.” About traffic collision, 4777 cases of illness and 4168 cases of unconsciousness, while the Eastern region ranked third in terms of the number of cases that were initiated by 7476 cases, including 2518 cases of disease, 1234 traffic collisions and 906 cases of unconsciousness, followed by the Medina region with 5684 cases that were completed. 2193 cases of illness, 823 breathing problems, and 784 unconsciousness cases.

While the Asir region ranked fifth in terms of the number of cases that were dealt with, with 3832 cases, including 937 sick cases, 680 traffic collisions and 564 breathing problems, followed by the Qassim region with 2822 cases, including 925 sick cases, 398 cases resulting from traffic collision, and 344 cases. caused by loss of consciousness.

Jazan region came as the seventh most region in terms of the number of cases that were initiated by 1984 cases, including 634 sick cases, 377 traffic collisions and 236 absences of consciousness, followed by Tabuk region with 1809 cases, including 652 sick people, 310 traffic collisions and 189 unconsciousness.

This was followed by the Hail region with 1560 cases that were initiated, the highest cases were sick with 393 cases, then a traffic collision with 250 cases and 177 cases of absence of consciousness, and came in the next order the Al-Jawf region with 822 cases, including 245 cases of illness, 158 traffic collisions and 151 absence of consciousness .

The Al-Baha region came in the following order with 775 cases, including 311 sick people, 138 traffic collisions and 67 cases resulting from breathing problems, followed by the Najran region with 735 cases, including 292 sick people, 107 traffic collisions and 72 breathing problems, while the Northern Borders region ranked as the lowest region in terms of the number of cases. Which were initiated by 579 cases, including 254 illnesses, 78 traffic collisions, and 77 unconsciousness cases.