March 25, 2023

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The Lebanese state claims the governor and his brother of the Central Bank and his assistance and requests their arrest | Gulf newspaper

The Lebanese state, represented by Judge Helena Iskandar, head of the Cases Authority at the Ministry of Justice, filed a personal claim against the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Tawfiq Salameh, his brother Raja Tawfiq Salameh, Marianne Majeed Al-Hawik, and everyone whom the investigation shows, according to the claim of the Public Prosecution Office of Appeal in Beirut, according to The request paper submitted to the First Investigating Judge in Beirut, Acting Charbel Abu Samra, for the crimes of bribery, forgery, use of counterfeiters, money laundering, illegal enrichment and tax evasion.
In conclusion, I asked:
First: Arresting them and confiscating their real estate properties, and freezing their bank accounts and the accounts of their spouses and minor children, to prevent them from disposing of them, in order to preserve the rights of the Lebanese state, and issuing an indictment against them in preparation for their trial before the Criminal Court in Beirut, in order to impose the most severe penalties against them due to the seriousness of the crimes alleged against them. reserves the right to determine personal damages before the Court of First Instance.
Second: Referring a copy of the lawsuit to the Special Investigation Commission at the Banque du Liban through the Public Prosecution Office of the Court of Cassation, to freeze the accounts of the defendants and the accounts of their spouses and minor children with Lebanese and foreign banks.
Third: Issuing the decision to place the sign of this lawsuit on the defendants’ real estate, to prevent them from disposing of it.