June 2, 2023


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Teleworking: the 3 keys to remote recruitment

It is easier to grow an employee aligned with the values ​​of the structure, which presents the right talents for the mission he has to accomplish, than the reverse. Also, recruitment is essential for management success (remotely or not) and in structural transformations.

Whether it is external recruitment or internal mobility, the problem is the same. The suitability of the position is to be assessed in relation to the values ​​and ambitions of the structure, to the skills directly linked to the mission to be carried out, and to the knowledge to be sought in terms of team spirit and the ability and desire to work remotely and independently.

# 1. Understand the position and its challenges

Recruitment can be an opportunity to formalize the content of a position if this has not been done. This is the opportunity to write what you are looking for both in terms of technical skills, but especially soft skills (or knowing how to be) and temperament. Technical skills are easier to develop than soft skills, which require a greater commitment from the person to change their attitudes and behaviors.

For example, if you are recruiting for a position that will be remote, it is important to find a candidate who enjoys working alone, in a large space of autonomy and freedom, capable of a great capacity for organization, and who appreciates the exchange and easily calls on you if necessary. A person who needs the group or a daily presence will not be able to flourish in this type of mission.

# 2. Listen more than talk

The interview is an opportunity for the structure to present the position and its expectations, but it is also the short time to assess the suitability of your candidate for the proposed position and the structure. So be curious about the candidate, his personality, his mode of operation. Listen, observe, question, feel. Cross the eyes with various other actors of the structure to form an opinion.

# 3. Think about internal mobility and development possibilities

Good knowledge of your current internal resources is a key that can help you win on many fronts: having the right skills on the right missions, giving signs of recognition, breathe new life into tired employees, get them out of their comfort zone and put the engine of questioning and learning back into motion, boost their self-esteem, etc.

In addition, old barriers to mobility such as geographic barriers are breaking down thanks to the possibility of working remotely. A real wealth for all.

Sonia Levillain, author of “The small remote management toolbox”
– DR