June 22, 2021


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Surround yourself with experts in figures and law to succeed in setting up a business

The year 2020 broke records with nearly 850,000 business creations, despite the health crisis. And the figures for the first four months confirm the trend with 365,000 creations in 2021 against 245,000 in 2020.

Creating is good; to last is better. ” 52% of companies disappear within the first five years, with high mortality in the 2 to 5 year bracket, recalls Pierre Goguet, president of CCI France. However, this figure drops to 30% for supported companies. “Well surrounded, the entrepreneur therefore has more chances of success.

The chartered accountant for tax peace

In order to secure all the financial and fiscal part, an accountant is essential for the entrepreneur as for any investors sensitive to the authenticity of financial documents. ” During the creation phase, the accountant helps to draw up the business plan: he validates the assumptions, quantifies the financial needs and ensures that expenses and investments are properly covered. He also oversees the legal, fiscal and social aspects and advises on the right legal form to adopt according to the creator’s situation. “, Lists Laurent Benoudiz, president of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Paris Ile-de-France.

On a daily basis, the accountant ensures that the entrepreneur’s tax obligations are in order. An appreciable peace of mind, reinforced at the beginning of 2021 by the tax compliance examination (ECF): if the entrepreneur so wishes, an authorized expert audits 10 points most prone to producing tax errors and verifies their compliance. In the event of an adjustment on one of the validated points, the company is not exposed to any penalty or late interest, and may even require the reimbursement of part of the fees paid to the accountant.

The banker for an overview

Another partner that is often essential when starting a business: the banker. Many entrepreneurs apply for a bank loan in order to consolidate the financing of their business project, an investment or simply in case of need for cash. But the banker also has a advice mission. ” Through his knowledge of the local economic fabric and his experience of the projects of other entrepreneurs, the banker has a good vision of the activity sector of the project leader. A plus to ensure that the business plan is viable, explains Bertrand Magnin, Director of Development at Banque Populaire. He is a true partner who can answer all the questions an entrepreneur may have: day-to-day banking, flow management, e-commerce or even international.

The lawyer for legal certainty

Business creation, recruitment of employees, change of legal form, international deployment, compliance with the regulations in force… During all phases of the development of his business, the entrepreneur will be confronted with questions of law. He must also produce documents that comply with the law, for example general conditions of use (CGU) or sale (CGV), a shareholders’ agreement if the situation so requires, etc.

In some activities, legal matters are even an essential component of the success of a project. ” Franchising, for example, the support of a lawyer is a plus », Comments Bertrand Magnin. The franchisor must indeed draw up a franchise contract but also provide future franchisees with official documents such as the pre-contractual information document (PID). On all these points, the support of a lawyer is therefore necessary. It saves time but also allows you to delegate these missions to an expert in order to be able to concentrate on the heart of your project.

The mentor and the business angel for inspiration and moral support

Who better than an entrepreneur to advise another entrepreneur? This is the principle of mentoring, which not only breaks the loneliness of the entrepreneur but also benefit from the experience of peers and to be inspired by their backgrounds. ” Several associations exist, with volunteer entrepreneurs who have gone through these difficulties that any entrepreneur can encounter and who provide their help with confidence. », Recalls Benoît Mounier, program director of the Entreprendre Foundation.

Business angels, too, are powerful supporters. Beyond the simple financial aspect, they provide advice as well as their network. ” Surrounding yourself well is the key to success! »Concludes Benoît Mounier.