December 10, 2022

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Streaming: Narative targets live video creators

Gamers, actors, musicians, fitness teachers… More and more creative people from all walks of life are going to live streaming to maintain the link with fans and reach a potentially global audience. Pandemic forces, the volumes of live videos have exploded on the platforms. Every month, over 7 million creators post videos to Twitch. On YouTube, if only in France, there are 4,500 channels with more than 100,000 subscribers (+ 20% in one year). Whereas they were the prerogative of the world of linear television, live techniques are now of interest to very wide audiences.

Democratization challenge

A challenge of democratization that Narative, created by Jean-Marc Denoual, Quentin Renard and Marc Ferry, wants to rise by launching a fully cloud-based application to facilitate the production, post-production and personalization of videos from smartphones. The start-up has raised 1 million euros in seed money this summer with private investors. “Today almost everyone knows what it is to face a camera or to be in videoconference,” explains Jean-Marc Denoual, also co-founder of Molotov. But if you want to do a narration with two-camera editing or invite someone to participate in an interview, the classic tools (cameras, cameras, mixer, software, etc.) are expensive and complicated to access ”. other solutions already exist. To help creators edit their videos, YouTube and Twitch offer tools that are certainly fairly standardized but free. Vimeo has a paid offer and other apps, such as VidiMo Show, have also emerged.

Concretely, Narative offers a free offer of up to one hour of live broadcasting allowing to mix the streams of five cameras. To broadcast without time limit and simultaneously on several platforms, you must subscribe for 30 euros per month. The services also include a virtual studio as well as packaging (animated visuals, etc.). In 2022, new features are planned to better expose creators.

Artificial intelligence

While remaining discreet about her goals, Narative wants to think big. Launched this month, the interface is immediately accessible in 150 countries on the Apple App Store. First available in French and English, it will soon be available in eight other languages ​​(Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, etc.).

One of the challenges is to be present in the most creative markets such as the United States and South Korea. Ultimately, artificial intelligence tools should also allow Narative to spot trends and themes in order to share best practices in video creation.