June 27, 2022


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“Stop the double talk on the climate”: Caroline Dennett, consultant for Shell, resigns and denounces the oil industry

Caroline Dennett was proud to work as a consultant for the Anglo-Dutch giant Shell, but times change, and for her, the subject is no longer where to find the most beautiful oil well, but how to get out of our addiction. to the energies of the past. This is how she puts it in a video posted on her LinkedIn account where she announces that she is resigning.

For more than ten years, Caroline Dennett has produced reports to assess the dangerousness of extraction sites, both to protect workers and to avoid the risk of hydrocarbon leaks and oil spills. Reports ordered by management but not followed, and that’s why she leaves: “I quit because of Shell’s double talk on the climate, Shell brandishes the promise never to do any damage, it’s what we called internally the zero objective, it’s very honourable, but that is not followed by effects.”

And Caroline Dennett to explain that the leaders of Shell know full well that the extraction of fossil fuels cannot be clean, that on the contrary it only worsens global warming, pollutes the territories, poisons the fauna, the flora and local populations. She says that in public, Shell touts the energy transition, promotes solar and wind power, but in reality, everything is done to extract ever more, all the investments go to drilling, to extracting ever more barrels. A double talk that has become untenable.

Between the alerts of scientists from the IPCC, those of the International Energy Agency, those of the Secretary General of the UN, strikes for the climate too, Caroline Dennett ended up passing a point of no return. “Now, she says, I would like the leaders of Shell to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they really believe that gas and oil guarantee a secure future for humanity.“In the mute world of the oil industry, the explosion is enormous and since Monday, Caroline Dennett has been in the British press, her video has been shared thousands of times on social networks, relayed, commented on, applauded, like the proof that everything happens. It won’t stop drilling, but it challenges, it invites at least to think against oneself.