June 2, 2023


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Side effects of using skin whitening products.. Follow the instructions

The Food and Drug Authority warned against using skin-whitening products for long periods, and said in a video clip on the Twitter site: The use of skin-whitening products for long periods may result in some side effects, and we advise dealing with them according to the instructions written on the package of each product.

The results of an inspection campaign carried out by the Food and Drug Authority during the month of June of this year also revealed the high rate of commitment of drug-trafficking warehouses in various regions and cities of the Kingdom to the instant reporting in the “Rasd” system and the linkage in the “Naqul” platform.

She explained that, during the implemented campaign, 366 types of items were investigated in the targeted facilities, and (29) violating types and (12) violating facilities were detected.

The violations were represented in the lack of instant notification of the movement of the drug in the electronic tracking system, and the failure of the warehouse owner to implement the regulations and instructions issued by it.

The Food and Drug Administration indicated that the penalties stipulated in the Pharmaceutical and Herbal Facilities and Preparations Law and its Executive Regulations will be applied towards violating facilities, as the system requires factories and warehouses for trading pharmaceutical and herbal preparations to report in the event of a shortage or interruption in the supplies of preparations, and to have a permanent stock that is sufficient for six months of all its registered products, based on consumption data and annual need reviewed by the authority.

The Authority monitors the stocks of pharmaceutical and herbal products registered with it in factories and warehouses for their trade in all regions of the Kingdom through the electronic tracking system “Rasd”, which works to track and trace all registered human medicines manufactured inside the Kingdom or imported from outside; To monitor entire supply chain operations, ensuring that medicines sold or consumed are not adulterated.

The system provides reliable data about the drugs targeted for fraud and the sources of fraudulent drugs. It also aims to achieve drug security by directly stopping the circulation of withdrawn drugs with warning about them, ensuring that they are not traded, enabling the consumer to verify the safety of the drug, and reporting any side effect after its use. .