July 29, 2021


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SecurKeys digitizes keys from a photo

It is the principle of Shazam which makes it possible to recognize a piece of music in a few seconds. SecurKeys has developed a free application on IOS or Android, called “SecurClés” and presented to VivaTech this week, which allows you to duplicate building keys and badges from your sofa.

“Based on VITT technology – Visual Identification & Translation Technology – we have developed and patented an application making it possible to identify by a simple photo the manufacturer and the specific model of the key among the 15,000 existing in France”, explains Pascal Metivier, president and co-founder of SecurKeys. “The application then transmits the essential data to the manufacturer for the reproduction of the duplicate,” he explains. “We are not making a copy, but an original”.

Secure procedure

For the reproduction of a badge, the photo is not enough. The user, by connecting to the application, must place his badge on the back of his smartphone which, using NFC technology, scans the badge and “retains” the information useful for duplication. The company is initially targeting “a few percent” of the French market, which represents one billion euros for 33 million keys duplicated per year in 8,000 points of sale, before expanding to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

A secure procedure: “We never ask you who you are or where you live. The service and the payment are 100% anonymized, ”says Pascal Métivier. For a high security key, the application asks the user to present his ownership card in order to apply the security protocols decreed by the key manufacturers. At the same time, SecurKeys “guarantees” the traceability of the process by a trusted third party.

“We have set up an authentication and traceability procedure involving a judicial officer who will sequester the person’s digital authentication elements in his servers”. The key is delivered to a third party address (office, friends, family, etc.) or to one of the 14,000 DHL relay points with an anonymized withdrawal via a code. SecurKeys, which benefits from the financial support of MAIF, Matmut, EDF and Bouygues Telecom, has already invented with Allianz an anonymous custody service and delivery of duplicate keys, and developed with Bouygues Telecom a service to recover an emergency smartphone.

The service

Creation date : 2017

President : Pascal Metivier

Effective : 12 people

Sector: security