March 25, 2023

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Saving a girl’s heart from a rare tumor in Al-Ahsa

The pediatric heart surgery team at the Prince Sultan Center for Cardiac Diseases and Surgery in Al-Ahsa was able to save the life of a girl suffering from difficulty breathing in a very rare operation that was crowned with success. Al-Ahsa Health Cluster said that the doctors of the Prince Sultan Center for Cardiac Diseases and Surgery were able to diagnose the cause in the patient. The 9-year-old girl, after conducting clinical, laboratory and radiological examinations, which confirmed that the child had a stroke resulting from the presence of a tumor in the heart cavity, which caused small parts of the tumor to fly into the brain during the movement and continuous heart pumping of blood, which also caused her difficulty in breathing due to narrowing of the urethra. blood inside the heart cavity.

The medical team treating the case confirmed that it was immediately decided to perform an emergency surgery to remove the tumor, and to perform histological examinations of the tumor, which is rare in children, to ensure that it is completely removed, and then transfer the child to the intensive care unit until she recovers gradually under the supervision of nursing and medical staff.

It is noteworthy that the Prince Sultan Center for Cardiac Diseases and Surgery provides specialized cardiac health care services, as it performed during the past year (2022 AD) (2180) cardiac catheterization operations, while the number of surgeries during the same period amounted to more than (800) operations, and the number of beneficiaries who received services reached From outpatient clinics (80,805) beneficiaries