January 27, 2023


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Saudi Sanofi celebrates 5 years since the establishment of its pharmaceutical plant

Saudi “Sanofi”, the global leader in the field of health care, held a celebration marking the passage of 5 years since the establishment and inauguration of its pharmaceutical production plant in the Industrial Valley of King Abdullah Economic City in Jeddah, which was chosen as an ideal location due to the competitive and supportive environment for the business sector in the Kingdom .. and attended the ceremony Representatives of the parent company, Sanofi, are housed in the company’s factory, in addition to Dr. Ahmed Siraj, General Manager of Saudi Arabia, Sanofi and CEO of King Abdullah Economic City. On this occasion, Dr. Ahmed Siraj said: The ambition and determination of the work team led the company to create a brilliant brand in the sky of pharmaceutical manufacturing and in providing reliable treatment solutions at the local level .. The work team has focused most of its attention during the five years since its establishment to achieve excellence in services through understanding A broad view of Vision 2030, which aims to boost pharmaceutical manufacturing in the Kingdom .. The presence of the factory in King Abdullah Economic City is of particular importance, as it does not target the Saudi market only, but the entire Middle East region. Sanofi recently obtained a permit from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority to manufacture the first drug that bears its name and trademark by 100%. It is classified under the antibiotic category and is used in the treatment of various groups of bacterial infections. The Sanofi factory provides a great opportunity for Saudi youth to qualify scientifically and practically, through its policy aimed at increasing the proportion of Saudis in the total workforce of the factory, while applying the regulations related to the Saudization of jobs.