June 27, 2022


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Removal of advanced cervical polyp with radiotherapy catheterization

A medical team at King Fahd Medical City, one of the components of the second Riyadh Health Cluster, was able to introduce and introduce modern treatment for the first time in the Kingdom to treat an advanced cervical tumor with a size of approximately 8 cm for a patient in her fifties; Using modern technology with the help of complex interventional radiotherapy (Interstitial Brachytherapy); It is the first technology in the Middle East.

The head of the team specializing in complex interventional radiotherapy, Saad Al-Rashidi, explained; This technique is used to treat most complex tumors in women, especially when they return to the pelvis, including very advanced tumors, where the catheter is implanted inside the tumor to deliver high radiation doses to eliminate the tumor, which is not done in the traditional way.

Dr. added. Rashidi; That this technology needs high-precision training and is currently only found in North American and European countries; Treatment with this technology requires an integrated center specialized in this treatment; Where the patient is evaluated in the clinic and then x-rays are performed, which include magnetic resonance imaging; The patient begins external radiotherapy and chemotherapy for several sessions followed by this modern technique.

And he indicated that the very high doses given during treatment contribute to controlling the tumor by more than 80% to 90% with a very few side effects, pointing out that radiotherapy with this modern technology takes two to three hours.

It is worth noting that the medical team included the consultant Saad Al-Rashidi, the head of the team; consultant Reem Al-Omran and medical physicist Dr. Mukhtar Al-Shanqiti; Dr. Muhammad Al-Aswad and Specialist Safa Al-Mohsen.