January 27, 2023


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Recovery Launches the “Save Your Child from Danger of Addiction” initiative

After the widespread addiction among members of Arab societies, especially young people, and the serious side effects it causes that pose a real and extreme threat to the lives of patients and their families, the Addiction Treatment Hospital had to play its pioneering role and assume its responsibility by raising awareness and treating drug addiction, so out of that feeling the recovery took place. By launching its new initiative entitled Save your son from the danger of addiction, through which it aims to help parents to deal correctly with the addicted son and persuade him to quit drugs by following a number of steps that include a commitment to calm, showing love and trust to the addicted son while containing and encouraging him to seek treatment and his ability to succeed And overcoming the prison of addiction, in addition to avoiding some behaviors that increase his aversion and refusal of treatment, such as dealing with violence and anger, or making him feel that he is guilty and not a patient who needs treatment.

The recovery explained that the most important part of her initiative is alerting parents to quickly seek medical help and enroll the son in a specialized addiction treatment center, as most of the mistakes that parents make is waiting for the son’s desire for treatment, which will not happen in most cases, on the contrary, this causes side effects. Dangerous, most notably the long period of addiction and the consequent severe deterioration in health status and the difficulty of later recovery, which threatens to face a dark fate that ends in imprisonment or death.

The Recovery Hospital added that it has designated a hotline to receive free medical consultations from the patient’s family in which she takes care of receiving their inquiries and helping them step by step to deal with the son and convince him to be treated and take him to the hospital, which as soon as he arrives until he is subject to a treatment program that suits his health condition and aims primarily to Making a comprehensive change in his life and bringing him back the freshness of life again, including:

● Comprehensive medical examination and knowledge of the health status. Selecting an appropriate treatment program.

● Withdraw toxins and treat withdrawal symptoms, so they pass without pain or suffering.

● Treating the drivers that lead to addiction and its comorbidities through psychotherapy and dual diagnosis programs.

● Bringing about a comprehensive change in his addictive behaviors and thoughts and replacing them with healthy ones.

● Socially rehabilitating the patient and training him to return to her normal role again and how to live without drugs, and to avoid the factors that encourage abuse in order to prevent relapse.

The role of Recovery Hospital is not limited to this point, but continues to support the patient and continue to follow him after leaving it, through periodic visits and group meetings, directly or through the Skype program, to ensure that he adheres to the treatment plan and does not deviate from it.