June 2, 2023


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Rainbow Kiss Meaning: What is Rainbow Kink

Rainbow Kiss

If you’re a man, you may have asked yourself, “What is a Rainbow Kiss?” In this article, you will learn what this sex act means to men and women, as well as its history and the benefits of doing this after orgasm. It is a fluid fetish that isn’t commonly known outside of certain communities, but is growing in popularity among gay men and women.

what is a rainbow kiss

You may have heard of rainbow kisses and golden showers, but you probably haven’t heard of Rainbow Kink, a bizarre sex act. While it’s certainly a bit out of the ordinary, some people still participate in these weird traditions. But don’t be fooled by the edgy aesthetics. These traditional acts aren’t just for porn fans.

Fluid fetishes are as old as humans. While the term “rainbow kink” first appeared in an Urban Dictionary entry in 2003, the practice has since evolved into an entirely new category, the fluid fetish known as Rainbow Kink. This term has problematic origins, but has had periodic revivals in internet discussion hubs. It has been widely accepted in recent years and has taken on sex-positive tones.

Meaning: What is Rainbow Kink

If you want to give your partner a rainbow kiss after orgasm, you should first know about the concept of edging. Rainbow kissing is when one person dips their penis onto the other’s uterus during her period, and the other person receives oral sex. The process involves mixing menstrual blood and semen. It is also known as 69-ing.

The Rainbow Kink is a form of oral sex performed when one person has their penis on the other’s uterus during a period. This form of 69-ing involves the mixing of semen and menstrual blood. While it is considered taboo by most people, certain kinks may find it arousing and satisfying. To learn more about the Rainbow Kink, read this article.

If you’ve ever considered trying kinks, you’re not alone. Humans have experimented with their sexuality for centuries. Now, there are many reasons why you may want to try the experience. Listed below are some of those reasons. And if you’re wondering whether you’d be able to handle it, keep reading for more information. You might be surprised that you’ll even want to try this new form of sexual intercourse!