June 22, 2021


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Qondor revolutionizes golf course pricing

Until now, a golfer chooses a 9 or 18 hole course and pays a green fee accordingly. If he only has one hour free, he does not have enough time to embark on a nine hole course which takes around two hours. And if the player has paid for an 18 hole course but has to give up due to weather or family constraints, he is getting his money’s worth.

When we only want to pay for what we consume, the golfer expects operators to adapt “, valued Benoît Lesur, himself a practitioner for fifteen years. With Antoine Durand, a Decathlon alumnus, at the start of the year he created the start-up Qondor – the condor is a very exceptional shot in golf – who wants to optimize the practice of this sport with a first solution, called Qustom.

Geolocated route

She permits a payment per hole played thanks to a connected sensor. At the entrance, the golfer is given a small connected box, called Qlip, associated with its name, which geolocates it throughout the course. The golfer stays as long as he wishes and is automatically billed according to the number of holes played, by returning its case.

This system can attract players taken by the time and generate a new flow on the golf courses, thus a source of additional income for the operators. But it can also limit fraud, difficult to spot on a land that can extend up to 70 hectares. This invention has already been adopted by the golf courses of Saint-Omer and Lille Métropole in Hauts-de-France, Val de Sorne in Jura and Rouen la Forêt Verte in Normandy.

New solution tested

According to the start-up, based at EuraTechnologies in Lille, this sport generates around 200 million euros in green fees in France. Qondor, which is remunerated by commission per hole paid, hopes to capture 5% within three years and therefore expects a turnover of 10 million euros by this time.

The young company, which is already imagining other possible services, will test a new solution, called Qadence, next week on the Lille golf course. It aims to remotely spot slower teams on courses that slow down the following ones, which today requires staff tours in cart.

The invention

Creation date : 2021

President : Benoît Lesur

Effective : 2 persons

Sector: sport