June 27, 2022


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OnePilot raises 15 million to expand across Europe

OnePilot is growing fast. One year after a seed round of 2.5 million euros, the French start-up specializing in outsourcing and customer service management has raised funds of 15 million euros led by the family office Otium Capital, with the participation of Cap Horn, First Bridge Ventures and Global Founders Capital.

Outsourcing ensures companies can respond to problems of their customers in all circumstances, and in particular in the morning, in the evening or on weekends. Quality customer service is crucial for brand reputation and consumer loyalty, a big issue for e-commerce players.

Founded in 2020, OnePilot aims to dust off the sector – outsourcing is often done with call centers abroad – with a more technological approach. The start-up has developed a solution that allows access to the back-office of its partners and to intervene in a few clicks.

Work with 500 freelancers

To respond to customers, OnePilot uses freelancers. “ We have a network of 500 people,” explains Lucas Bornert (ex-Voi), who co-founded the start-up with Kenza El Ghadouini (ex-Foodora and Cowash), Adrien Hugon (ex-Cowash), Pierre Latscha (ex -Starquest Capital) and Robin Monnier (ex-Cowash).

The self-employed work “about fifteen hours on average” per week for OnePilot. They indicate their availability and must solve problems encountered by customers from different companies. “They are not dedicated to a specific industry”, insists Lucas Bornert.

An agent can thus respond to a customer who is struggling to pay for a mobility service, then another who has not received a online order. “OnePilot is not a low cost solution. It’s a qualitative, flexible solution, with local and well-trained agents,” emphasizes Jérémie Bordier, partner at Otium Capital.

This shared approach has economic advantages. “We have a gross margin of 40% and we hope to reach 70% by improving our technology,” adds Lucas Bornert. To achieve this, Onepilot has acquired Hubware, a French start-up specializing in AI that should help agents respond more efficiently. In the long term, its technology is intended to be increasingly automated, even if OnePilot wishes to maintain a human presence.

International expansion

The young shoot primarily targets BtoC players in e-commerce but also collaborates with BtoB specialists, such as Alan health insurance, which has chosen to outsource part of its customer service. The company has a model based on the monthly subscription (199 euros per months), and also invoices the intervention tickets.

The costs are therefore limited if the service is running well. “It’s complicated for a small business to pay someone full-time for customer service,” explains Jérémie Bordier. OnePilot also offers the advantage of being able to ramp up during peak periods of activity (sales, holiday season, etc.).

In total, OnePilot claims 150 customers and has begun an international offensive. After having started in France, the company started its activity in the United Kingdom and has just opened Germany. Spain is soon to follow.