March 25, 2023

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Offices: Azergo raises 10 million to democratize ergonomic furniture

Azergo, leader in the development of workstations for disabled people and the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), is opening its capital for the first time. The bottom Initiative & Finance makes a minority entry with a ticket of nearly 10 million euros. Out of time? “The exit of Covid is favorable to the democratization of ergonomic products”, observes the president Nicolas pfennig. Azergo’s turnover did not decline in 2020 (20 million euros) despite teleworking. And incoming requests are pouring in, up 40% since the start of the year, suggesting 20% ​​growth in 2021.

“I am opening this opening in anticipation”, explains the founder of the company in 2007, in Vourles near Lyon. “The enormous potential of quality workspaces will necessarily lead to a phase of consolidation in our market. It is better to be accompanied to seize the opportunities, ”he says. Azergo now has three complementary ambitions: external growth, internationalization and diversification.

Sit-stand positions

The distributor imports high-end, mainly Scandinavian office furniture into France: armchairs for which the first price is 600 euros, and tables with variable heights to alternate sitting and standing positions. The SME with 80 employees advises companies on the arrangement of single or collective workstations. Its qualitative platforms are rarely simple open space: rather manufacturing workshops, laboratories, Samu call platforms …

The market “is at a turning point”, says Nicolas Pfennig. “Ergonomics are starting to enter corporate culture. Our contacts were in HR and health, today we are more often dealing with general resources ”. With the Covid, “employers have regained awareness of the health of employees. Improving postures and preventing MSDs are involved ”.

To make them come back, the office must also seem more attractive to them than the home. It is also an issue of loyalty in the competition of the job market ”, lists Nicolas Pfennig. “Without forgetting that in times of crisis, there is also a productivity issue. Good working conditions reduce stoppages and absenteeism ”. Teleworking agreements also open up markets for home equipment for employees (such as BioMérieux, Pfizer, Groupama Bretagne). “The basic kit for an armchair, document holder, screen booster and footrest costs 800 euros”.