November 30, 2021

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Noura Al-Amiri to “Al-Rai”: “Shoy … if the producers don’t ask for me!”

– Willing to waive my wages … in exchange for the appropriate role

– Tariq is “my father” and Hassan is “my brother” … but “its fire consumes its wood”

The young artist, Noura Al-Amiri, attributed her absence from the small screen to the popular idea of ​​the producers that she is an artist who is counted on comic art and is not good at tragedy, which prompted many of them to exclude her from the social works that are currently being filmed, in light of the complete absence of comedic drama, in sympathy with the closure of the role The play from the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis until now, which is considered to be “the girl of the stage.”

Al-Amiri, in an interview with “Al-Rai”, did not hide her eagerness to work with artist Hassan Al-Balam in one of his upcoming works, “because I did not nourish enough from his school,” considering him as her “brother”, in addition to the artist Tariq Al-Ali, who she said was the “father” ».

She pointed out that she would not be a “dove of peace” for reconciliation between them, as she does not like to interfere in what does not mean to her, or as she put it: “Her fire consumes her wood.”

• Some people wonder about the reason for your artistic absence for many months, so where are you?

– I am at home, but “it is my chance if the producers do not ask for me in their work.”

• What’s the reason?

I don’t know, perhaps because of the scarcity of works currently in the art scene, or they think that I am only a comedian. The truth is that I am a comprehensive actress and are also good at tragedy, and I am not incapable of performing any role that I am assigned to play, especially the complex roles and “crackers” that require double effort, such as the character of a complex girl or one suffering from a disability or psychological disorders, or other difficult characters.

• Why do not you present yourself as a comprehensive representative to the producers, and prove your excellence in performance?

– Because it is not my habit to knock on the doors or “be anxious and anxious” at this or that one, so everyone knows me and can communicate with me whenever he wants.

• But waiver is required in art, and there are great artists who gave up, either for their wages or the value of the roles assigned to them, is it arrogance from you?

A: I do not consider it arrogance, but rather a matter of principle. I made a lot of concessions in my early days, and that is enough.

And for your information, I am ready to give up my wages completely in order to feed my deficiency.

What deficiency are you talking about?

I feel that I am in dire need of nutrition from the school of artist Hassan Al-Balam, because I did not nourish it enough, as I worked with him in a few works, and I want more.

• There are many works that you have collected with artists Tariq Al-Ali and Hassan Al-Balam. Is there an artistic project that will bring you together again?

– The story and what it does not include “offer and demand.”

• How?

I mean if one of them needs me to work with him he will ask for me, and if he doesn’t need me then not.

What about the strong friendship between you?

– I cherish them very much and love them both, as I consider Tariq to be the same as “my father” and Hassan as “my brother”, but I do not belong to the “ballroom group” or any other “group”.

• Didn’t you think about being a “dove of peace” for reconciliation between them, being so close to them?

– No. I will never interfere between them, but rather let “her fire eat her wood.”

How do we explain your words?

– I am a human being reconciled with myself, and I love goodness for all people without exception, whether they are artists or other common people, but I prefer to stay away from all disputes, even if they are among my closest friends.

• If we go back a little, and talk about the works that are still stuck in your mind, what do you remember?

– Without hesitation, I will remember the play “The Last Man in the World” that was shown in 2018, and it is one of the works that “represents me.”

As for the work that “honors me”, it is undoubtedly the play “The Great” with artist Mohamed Al-Hamli and a bunch of stars.

So, you prefer theater over TV drama?

– Certainly, I am the “girl of the theater” and love its stage, and I hope he will return soon, after the end of the pandemic

on God `s will.