March 25, 2023

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MyEli: a connected jewel to reassure yourself, without being “tracked”

Finding yourself in a parking lot alone at night, in a deserted street, or on public transport? For 76%, 73% and 52% of women respectively, a Yougov poll revealed last March, these situations are most often accompanied by a feeling of insecurity. A feeling that has nothing to do with a simple view of the mind: 54% of women say they have been verbally attacked in the street by men, 14% physically.

Nothing new under the sun, alas. But it is starting from this observation, and from a “little personal misadventure”that Ludivine Romary, 27, had the idea of ​​developing jewelry that women would always wear and that would allow them to alert their loved ones in case of danger.

The principle ? Launch an alert with a single press to 5 pre-recorded contacts, and automatically send an SMS specifying their geolocation in real time for five minutes (this is not a tracker

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