August 13, 2022

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Michaël Goldman reinvents crowdfunding with Tipeee

Having a musical ear doesn’t just lead on stage or behind a guitar. If Michaël Goldman shares with his father Jean-Jacques a taste for rhythm and melodies, it is behind the rudders of several start-ups that his love of music has led him. Because the latter is a visceral independent, follower of the wrong way and cross roads.

In 2007, he co-founded MyMajorCompany, the first crowdfunding platform reserved for musicians? Five years later, he created Tipeee, after “tip” or “pourboire”. This crowdfunding platform is aimed at all content creators on the Internet who wish to free themselves from advertising by relying on the financial support of their community. Even if it means sometimes provoking controversy. Like last year, when Tipeee helped finance the controversial Covid film, “Hold-up”. “On Tipeee, no content is legally condemnable”, simply declares Michaël Goldman.

More than 15,000 designers

The start-up has just exceeded the bar of 15,000 registered creators and achieved 1.5 million euros in turnover in 2020. Already present in five European countries, the start-up comes, as a bonus, to raise 130,000 euros from Octave Klaba and Xavier Niel, historical shareholder of the project, to expand further in 2022.

“Behind the great personalities of content creation, there are plenty of more modest ones,” explains Michaël Goldman. Our goal is for them to be able to continue their work. “

The idea of ​​giving shadow talent a chance to emerge came to him when he was working in the artistic direction of [[601488]]

Addicted to vinyls

Addicted to vinyl records and video games, but more a tourist than a student at the University of Paris-II, he did not expect to be able to join such a brand so quickly. “Michaël was sent to me by his uncle,” recalls Sevan Barsikian, his director at the time, who became his friend. The idea was that I reason with him so that he finishes his studies. But I noticed that he was voluntary and that he had a very great musical culture. So I offered him an internship. “

In his element, Michaël Goldman was given the task of identifying talents. Rather a fan of rap, house and electro, he nevertheless did not mind any style of music. “I spent my days listening to songs. I was given, a simple trainee, a position that seemed crucial to me, he is still surprised. At the same time, I sometimes lamented that good artists could not be produced. “

So he teamed up with Sevan Barsikian and Anthony Marciano, a third thief, to create Bamago, a small independent production house. MyMajorCompany came next, with a fourth partner, Simon Istolainen. The concept of crowdfunding was little known in France at the time. The platform has made it possible to produce more than fifty artists, including Grégoire, who have brought him great hours of glory. “All the production houses had closed their doors to them,” recalls Michaël Goldman.

Pretty wild

For Tipeee, the entrepreneur restarted alone, his fellow travelers having reoriented themselves towards the world of cinema. “Since high school, I know I’ll be independent,” he laughs, remembering his final year classes. The student then prepared for his baccalaureate in his corner, at the rate of his own program, rather than that of his teachers.

Her mother, a child psychologist, and her father gave her a free rein. “When I met him, Michaël was quite savage, not very diplomatic,” recalls Sevan Barsikian. But he was curious, went to search everywhere and never let go. Over time, he acquired a thicker personality. “

However Michaël Goldman, 42 years old and father of two children, retains a joking character, and has still not resolved to the spirit of the troop. He is easily noticed in the street. He always walks by the sidewalk when he is on foot. And prefers to ride on it when on a bike.