January 21, 2022


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Medtech: Braindex raises 3 million to adjust brain anesthesia

If he receives too high a dose of anesthetic products, a patient over 65 years of age operated under general anesthesia may present upon waking up to neurological complications, a confusional state or even loss of cognitive functions. Conversely, if the sedation is insufficient, he may wake up in the middle of surgery. To overcome this problem, Braindex has developed a monitor which, by combining electroencephalography and tissue spectroscopy via a single frontal sensor, allows the medical profession to monitor the functional state of the patient’s brain during general anesthesia.

Thanks to an algorithm based on clinical data, “we can individually adjust the right amount of anesthetic drug for each patient”, explains Thierry cussac, president and founder of this deeptech, joined since its creation in 2016 by Pierre Charlier and Benoit Maugy.

Industrial transfer in progress

The company has developed its technology in partnership with the Inserm unit of the Lille University Hospital, within the Clinical Investigation-Technological Innovation Center, as well as a joint research unit of the CNRS and the University of Lorraine. “We are in the process of industrial transfer”, announces Thierry Cussac.

It is to finalize the development of this monitor that Braindex has completed at the end of 2021. seed funding of 3 million euros, including 705,000 euros in capital from private investors and GIE Eurasanté. Bpifrance and the Hauts-de-France region each provide € 1 million, in particular through deeptech development assistance (ADD). It is the first region in France to promote such a scientific program within the framework of its Regional Research Innovation Fund (FRRI).

Incubated by Eurasanté in Lille, the company hopes to market its brain monitoring device in early 2024 in Europe and the United States. The start-up, which employs ten people, plans to reach a workforce of 25 by 2025. “Nearly 30% of the European population will be 65 and over in 2060, against 20% in 2019 in France,” 22% in Germany and 28% in Japan ”, specifies Thierry Cussac. “We are four times more operated from the age of 60”.


Creation date : 2016
President : Thierry cussac
Rising : 3 million euros
Effective : 10 people
Sector: medtech