May 27, 2022

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Mauboussin imagines an ecological and superagile plane

An economically reasonable and environmentally responsible aircraft: this is the not-so-crazy bet of David Gallezot, polytechnician passed by Supaéro, collector of old aircraft and pilot, for twenty-five years, of light planes. “It is a question of restoring attractiveness to territories thanks to sustainable and responsible aviation”, explains the craftsman of the rebirth ofMauboussin planes, an aircraft manufacturer of the 1930s who already aimed for energy efficiency.

Carried by this prestigious brand, the company had integrated an electric hybrid engine from the first designs of the Alérion M1H two-seater, in 2016, but will soon offer a turbine powered by hydrogen. Established in Belfort since 2017, where it has forged partnerships with the Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology (UTBM) and the FCLAB fuel cell research platform, the manufacturer is aiming for a first flight in 2022 for the electric hybrid version and, by 2024, in the hydrogen version.

Variable geometry

But the most brilliant innovation of this small light plane with tapered wings, like those of the first Mauboussin, is elsewhere. It lies in the combination of short takeoff and landing possibilities – with performance approaching helicopter trajectories – and high cruising speeds. “The key is a variable geometry wing, high lift, explains David Gallezot. We manage to fly slowly or quickly by retracting or deploying the rear flaps, whose shapes have been well calculated. “

With take-off and landing over less than 200 meters, the engineer is aiming for a network of the territory that could rely on the 1,200 landing points, in France, capable of offering a runway of 300 meters long by 20 wide. The two-seater, which will fly at a speed of 250 km / h, will validate these principles, but a prototype regional six-seater hydrogen aircraft, the Alcyon M3C, is already ready for take off. It will reach 370 km / h at cruising speed, display a range of 1,500 kilometers and could be marketed in 2026. The company, which has invested 1 million euros including 500,000 euros in public aid, is in the process of raising funds.

The project

Creation date : 2011
President : David Gallezot
Effective : 7 people
Sector: Mobility