March 25, 2023

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Jewelry: how Camille Vever relaunched the family brand

An ivory comb emblazoned with a female butterfly or a corsage ornament made from freshwater Mississippi pearls are among the vintage pieces of jeweler Vever, which will be on display from September 24 to 28 at Sotheby’s in Paris. At the same time, the new jewels of Veverwill be the subject of an auction.

Because this house, created by Pierre-Paul Vever in 1821, and closed in 1982, rose from its ashes in 2021, under the leadership of Camille Vever, representative of the seventh generation of the founding family.

Empress Eugenie and Sarah Bernhardt

At 42, this Parisian, in a long hippie chic dress, who has crisscrossed the financial departments in search of mergers and acquisitions, felt “finally ready” to relaunch the brand. While retaining the stylistic signature “art nouveau” of this jeweler, worn in his time by many greats of this world, from Empress Eugenie to Sarah Bernhardt, including the wife of President Carnot … not to mention the court from Russia.

This follower of figures, who believes that “we can trace the life of a company from a balance sheet”, decided to anchor Vever in the XXIe century. His credo? “A new luxury which, in this oligopolistic market, stands out thanks to an eco-responsible strategy”, summarizes this supporter of “100% made in France”, who has given up deposit stones in favor of laboratory diamonds.

Company with mission

Wishing to adorn her societal and environmental ambitions with a “legal framework”, this graduate of the universities of Paris Dauphine or Descartes and of ESCP, who, in her hours, is committed to women through the integration program “L in the City” made Vever a company with a mission.

While she still had “no turnover to put forward”, her project earned her the support of “strong and inspiring women”, including the industrialist Pauline Duval, the financial Rajaa Mekouar, the investor Maha Daoudi or even the entrepreneur Valentine de Lasteyrie, from whom she raised funds in the early days of summer, a few weeks after officially launching her business.

“Vever embodies a committed and conquering woman”, slips this mother of two boys, who was a solo mother and some collections include unisex jewelry.

EY or TF1

Unlike her grandfather, who “dreaming of being an airplane pilot” undoubtedly rested on the laurels of his predecessors, which led to the closure of the house, Camille Vever intends “to remain open to other areas of expertise. “.

Backed by experience, woven at EY, TF1, Eurofins, then Keyrus Biopharma, of which she became general manager eight months after being recruited as head of strategy, she “immersed herself in the world of jewelry”.

A lover of impressionist painters, such as Corot, Sisley and Monet, she joined the incubator of the Académie des Métiers d’Art where she met Coralie de Fontenay, former president of Cartier France, who became her partner. Another partner, Damien Vever, her triple brother (she has three brothers, two of whom are triplets, and an older sister), occupies the position of Deputy Managing Director.

Emancipate yourself from Power points

Above all, the one who describes herself as “both intuitive and very structured”, curious about everything, as evidenced by the many sports she has practiced (climbing, swimming, trail running, yoga, aquaboxing, etc.), has a passion to this house which cradled his childhood. “Professionally, she has all the keys to getting sales. And her extraordinary, ultra-dynamic and enthusiastic personality allows her to break all ceilings, ”gauges her friend Laurence Pera, Managing Director of TMC, and Director of Transformation and Development of the TF1 group’s brands.

The neo-entrepreneur has set up her showroom on rue de la Paix, where her grandfather had taken up residence in 1872. And says she is delighted to “emancipate herself from power points to get her hands dirty” in order to revive this house born there. two hundred years ago.