June 2, 2023


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Jeddah hosts the first international conference that discusses jurisprudential rulings on regenerative cosmetic gynecology

Next Friday, the 12th of Rajab, corresponding to the 3rd of February, in Jeddah, the activities of the International Medical Jurisprudence Conference on Regenerative Cosmetic Gynecology, called for by the Saudi Scientific Society for Medical Jurisprudential Studies, in cooperation with the International Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Jeddah, will start with the participation of elite and elite. Among the jurisprudents specialized in medical jurisprudence in general and its issues in particular, and a group of specialized female doctors from Saudi Arabia, Arab countries and the world. Sultan, that non-surgical, regenerative, cosmetic gynecology is the most popular in the fields of aesthetic medicine and the fastest developing and spreading as a delicate specialty in the field of medicine, as it has received wide and large demand and spread in the past ten years from doctors and women of all ages, and this is due to several factors, perhaps from Most notably, the increase in life expectancy for women and the need to improve the quality of life at this stage age, especially with the high scientific and technical development in procedures to improve the genital area in form and function.

And Dr. Hanan continued: This conference is supportive, supportive, and reinforcing of the vision of our beloved Kingdom 2030 in empowering women and their right to enjoy a high-quality healthy life, and empowering them as medical and jurisprudential researchers under our wise government that supports women in all areas of life, as the conference is distinguished by discussing and discussing these cosmetic procedures. Renewal from the medical and jurisprudential point of view to know the jurisprudential rulings that are considered among the emerging jurisprudential issues in preparation for the issuance of legal fatwas from the jurisprudential councils and bodies.

She said that due to the specificity and sensitivity of the conference axes, which discuss the function and appearance of the intimate area, we decided that the conference sessions should be specific to women, in which a distinguished elite of female doctors specialized in gynecological medicine and sexual medicine internationally, and a group of jurists specialized in medical jurisprudence in general and its issues in particular from universities, will participate in it. The long-standing legitimacy in our beloved kingdom, and experts from the International Islamic Fiqh Academy emanating from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation participate in it to come up with an accurate perception of the issue (coming) with recommendations of the jurisprudential vision for the practice of regenerative gynecological medicine for this intimate area.

She pointed out that the conference will discuss “5” axes in the field of gynecological cosmetic medicine, namely: improving the aesthetic appearance of the intimate area with surgery and without surgery, narrowing the vagina for improvement and functional enhancement, especially after the changes associated with natural childbirth or the deficiency of the female hormone after menopause, improving urinary incontinence and rehabilitating the pelvic muscles. Without surgery, improving and treating intimacy problems, cosmetic procedures and sexual psychology for marital relations.

The consultant of gynecology, obstetrics, infertility, and assisted reproduction noted that the most important goals of the conference focus on achieving the Kingdom’s 2030 vision in empowering women and their right to enjoy a healthy, high-quality life through health practices within Sharia controls, and making recommendations through discussions with jurists and experts in the International Islamic Fiqh Academy to present them. The academy is required to issue a legal fatwa, in addition to introducing regenerative cosmetic gynecology and the ethics of professional practice in this important field that is rapidly developing and spreading in all stages of life for women, especially young girls, and introducing the role of the media in spreading the culture of cosmetic gynecology and its impact on the intimate relationship between spouses.

Dr. Hanan concluded by saying: The conference targets health practices and workers in the specialization of women, childbirth, and gynecological esthetics in particular, female doctors specializing in sexual medicine, dermatology, venereal diseases, and plastic surgery, jurists and researchers in medical jurisprudence in general and its issues in particular, and all women who have an interest in the themes of the conference. .