May 27, 2022

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Italy: The third dose of Corona vaccines raises the effectiveness to 93%

A report by the Higher Institute of Health in Italy confirmed that the effectiveness of vaccines against the Corona virus rises to 93% after obtaining the third dose.

Despite the decrease in the effectiveness of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine after 5 months, with the third or booster dose, it returns to a rise of up to 93% against severe disease with the coronavirus, according to the Italian “Fan Page” website.

And the unvaccinated are considered to be at risk of death from Covid-19, 16 times more than those who received 3 doses of the anti-coronavirus vaccines, according to what the new report of the Higher Institute of Health in Italy said and published Saturday, on the effectiveness of vaccines against infection and against serious diseases that lead to hospitalization. and death.

The report said that 5 months after the end of the full course of vaccination with two doses of the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine, there is a sharp decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing disease or infection, whether in the form of symptoms or without symptoms, from 74% to 39.6%, but the efficacy in preventing infection and severe illness increased to 93% in people who received the third dose.

The report also indicated that the total effectiveness of vaccines in avoiding infection is currently 65%, and in avoiding hospitalization, it is 88.7%, and in avoiding admission to intensive care it reaches 93.5%, and in avoiding deaths it is 89.2%.

The report spoke that the death rate is increasing slowly, but the countries most affected are those with the least vaccination coverage, and stressed that strengthening the vaccination campaign by moving more quickly with the third doses is the only way to avoid the peak of infections and deaths.

The report of the Higher Institute of Health in Italy indicated that the risk of death for an unvaccinated person is 16.6 times higher than that of those who received the third dose of the vaccine against the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).