March 25, 2023

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Home automation: the connected home is a dream again

A facetious garage door, an irrigation system that gets carried away… At the end of the 1950s, Jacques Tati sketched with humor in “Mon oncle” the contours of the connected house. But if home automation has not yet turned our daily lives upside down, it could penetrate our homes faster than we think. The reason can be summed up in one word: Matter.

Or a new standard of connectivity, designed to simplify the communication of objects between them and their configuration, whatever their origin. This universal standard was created thanks to the alliance (within the Connectivity Standards Alliance, CSA) of tech or equipment heavyweights – such as Amazon, Apple, Google, LG, Philips Hue, Ikea… – and has been available since November.

The sequel after the ad

Most of these manufacturers integrated it into their devices right away, but it was Samsung that made an impression by announcing on January 4, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the global consumer electronics show, the plug in charge of Matter through its SmartThings object connection platform.

In the process, Apple pointed out the compatibility of its new HomePod with Matter, and played the home automation card thoroughly by presenting its speaker as “a primary home hub that users can access when away from home”. And thus allow future Mr. Arpels to remotely start cooking the roast, control the light in the living room, control roller shutters or lawnmowers or, this is topical, manage their electricity consumption almost in real time. energy… In short, living in a world where more than 14 billion connected objects (2) will eventually be able to interact seamlessly. Tempting?

(1) According to the French Rothelec, specialist in economical electric heating, inventor of the inertia radiator.
(2) In 2022, according to the American firm IoT Analytics.

Start your laundry


Samsung’s Bespoke AI line of washing machines and dryers promise “a whole new experience of living at home” with models that can be programmed from a distance and that announce, without spoiling anything, substantial savings in water and energy.

Decorate your home

Apple HomePod
HomePod Apple (APPLE)

Apple’s latest Matter-enabled HomePod speaker promises immersive sound. But it also serves as a hub, controllable by voice, to control its devices, create routines such as “open the blinds at sunrise and turn up the heating”, and even switch them on according to temperature or humidity. detected by its sensors.

The sequel after the ad

HomePod (2nd generation), €349 on (available February 3).

vacuum and wash

Roborock robot vacuum cleaner
robot vacuum cleaner Roborock (ROBOROCK)

The robot vacuum cleaner is a household appliance that makes you smile… Except that these little cylinders on wheels are constantly improving and gaining market share. In the premium genre, Roborock’s MaxV Ultra is equipped with a vibrating mop, skilfully bypasses furniture, obstacles, objects, identifies types of soil… and recharges during off-peak hours. Recommended price 1499 euros


Rothelec connected radiator
connected radiator Rothelec (ROTHELEC)

Managing the temperature of one’s home is the home automation function most popular with the French (1) (just before managing lights), in particular to save energy. Manufactured in Alsace, Rothelec’s inertia radiators can be managed via an app and a home box that control remote thermostats at 1°C and are ideally placed in each room of your home.