March 25, 2023

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Health Spokesperson: Avoid rumors

The official spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad bin Khaled Al-Abdali, confirmed that the most important way to confront the activity of the influenza virus is to obtain a dose of the vaccine, stressing that the vaccine is seasonal and over decades of time it is used and it is safe, praise be to God, and its effect is very high, and its effectiveness reaches 80% and reduces infection. Access to the intensive care units, which can be obtained and benefited from, by booking through the My Health application and obtaining the vaccine.

He said in a live broadcast via the Ministry’s account on Twitter that the Ministry of Health monitors an increase in influenza cases during this season, pointing out that the flu may cause severe complications and lead to death, God forbid, due to negligence in preventive methods, pointing to the possibility of deterioration of the health condition, especially among people who are considered of the high-risk categories.

He also pointed out that there are millions of cases that enter intensive care around the world, and hundreds of thousands die during the year as a result of infection with influenza, stressing that vaccination is given to the most dangerous groups and the groups most vulnerable to infection, namely children under five years of age, pregnant women, and those with chronic diseases. such as diabetes, chest disease (asthma), heart disease, and the elderly.

He added, during these days, the activity of seasonal influenza is stronger than in the past two years, and an increase in the number of emergency visits and an increase in hypnotic cases in intensive care was monitored, calling on everyone to adhere to preventive health behaviors such as avoiding crowded places, washing hands well, avoiding direct contact with the eyes and mouth, and using tissues when sneezing or coughing. Coughing, making sure the place is clean, and committing to wearing a mask, which is one of the most important ways to prevent disease.

And the official spokesman of the Ministry of Health stated that the symptoms that appear on the infected person with seasonal influenza are shivering and sweating, a temperature rise of more than 38 degrees, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, persistent cough, dryness and runny nose.

Al-Abdali stressed that the Ministry of Health, during the current stage, is closely following all the variables that occur on the Corona virus, and the situation is passing through a stage of follow-up, control and control, with the efforts of everyone and awareness in receiving vaccines and achieving distinct societal immunity, which made us at the forefront of countries and the safest, denying that the Corona vaccine has caused In reducing immunity according to the rumors that some people say and that the body is exposed to other respiratory viruses, and this has absolutely nothing to do with the truth. On the contrary, it is an immune balance that the body benefits from, and there is no relationship to these rumors.

Dr. Al-Abdali also alerted everyone to take preventive measures when it rains and to take into account health aspects, especially people with respiratory diseases such as asthma patients, calling on everyone to communicate with the official platforms of the Ministry and to take the correct health facts and information through them only, and to ask questions through them and adhere to medical instructions and recommendations.