January 27, 2023


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Health: an increase in dengue injuries and the formation of a preventive operations room

The Ministry of Health confirmed that human infections in dengue fever follow a specific seasonal pattern, with the peak of infections in the Kingdom between May and September, depending on environmental factors and weather conditions that help spread mosquitoes. She said that with rain, water bodies form in residential neighborhoods, which enables mosquitoes to breed, and increases the possibility of transmitting dengue virus between humans. MOH and the Public Health Authority have monitored an increase in infections in some cities of the West Coast compared to the same period in previous years, which necessitated Intensify the joint work between the relevant authorities of the secretariats and municipalities, branches of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and the various health authorities, to reduce the risk of disease and control the density of vector mosquitoes. The highest number of injuries, in order to enable the three preventive measures (health education, insect detection, and insect control), while involving the community in control efforts.

This came in the Ministry’s response to the city’s inquiry that the situation is under continuous coordination with the relevant authorities, especially the secretariats and municipalities, to drain the swamps and intensify spraying to eliminate the vector mosquitoes, according to the intensity of injuries recorded for each neighborhood or region.