May 27, 2022

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Gulf Health Council: Six benefits of black coffee that may help your health

The Gulf Health Council highlighted five important tips that must be taken care of when preparing coffee, the first of which is to take care of filtered coffee, as coffee cooked with water contains impurities that can raise the level of cholesterol in the blood, and secondly, that the coffee be bitter, as putting sugar in it reduces of its value, and when necessary, sugar is replaced with honey as a temporary alternative to sweeten it or eat fruit with it.

And thirdly, the experience of adding cinnamon to coffee, as it can contribute to reducing blood sugar and cholesterol, and fourthly, not to exceed the upper limit of caffeine, as studies indicate that the upper limit of caffeine is 400 ml, which is equivalent to 4 cups of coffee per day to be in Safe rate.

Fifthly, avoid harmful additives, including flavorings and sweeteners, which include (vanilla, caramel and mocha), as they are considered high in sugar.

On the other hand, the Gulf Health Council highlighted 6 benefits of black coffee that may help your health to exceed 4 cups per day, and said that it fights depression and increases feelings of happiness, and that it benefits the heart and blood vessels and strengthens memory, and provides the person with antioxidants and useful nutrients. Such as magnesium, potassium and some vitamins, and fourthly, they reduce the risk of cirrhosis of the liver, reduce the risk of some types of cancer, and sixthly, they reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes.

It is worth noting that the Gulf Health Council continues to spread awareness messages in Gulf societies, which vary according to need, time and event, as it is always keen to deliver correct medical and social awareness information from its scientific sources and documented studies by accredited specialists in various fields.