May 27, 2022

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Genetically modified “eggs” that treat cancer and arthritis

A research team from the Roslin Institute of Technology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, has developed biotechnologies that helped genetically modify chickens to produce eggs that treat some types of cancers and arthritis. And Dr. (Lisa Heron) from the Institute of Technology said that the team worked on mixing a human gene that naturally produces protein in the body with a part of the chicken’s DNA responsible for producing eggs.

These eggs are the place of many expensive drugs on the market to treat some types of cancer and arthritis, but the difference between treatment by eggs and drug treatment is to reduce the therapeutic cost very significantly, especially since the drugs for these types of diseases are very expensive.

As three eggs are sufficient for the production of one dose of the remedy, a single chicken can lay about 300 eggs per year. (Heron), according to the BBC – that the human body suffers from diseases because it does not produce enough proteins and chemicals naturally.

Pointing out, however, that their new approach is more efficient and produces greater quantities and is more economical in terms of cost compared to previous attempts.

Emphasizing that the genetically modified chickens are not subject to any change in their nature that may make them feel pain or discomfort, their health is good, and they lay eggs as usual.