May 27, 2022

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For these reasons, you should exercise in cold weather!

Although many prefer to exercise indoors when the weather is cold, studies reveal many advantages to exercising outdoors in cold weather, so what are they?

Exercising in the cold outdoors has many benefits

It’s cold outside, and you’d like to get covered or sit by the fireplace and have a cup of tea, right? Nice ambiance for sure, but remember that you should not neglect exercise, whatever the weather! Well, you want to exercise indoors? Although this remains better than not exercising at all, there are many advantages to exercising in the cold outdoors, according to the German magazine “Freuden”, which are:

Burn more calories

The body stores different types of fat, including two important types that we benefit from during exercise in cold weather, and they are white and brown fats. While white fat stores additional energy, brown fat uses energy to generate heat and regulate body temperature. With the help of brown fat, we can burn more calories while exercising on cold days and even regulate our appetite better.

Increase stamina

Studies have shown that warmer temperatures can reduce endurance during exercise, while cooler temperatures can improve performance. Studies have found that temperatures between 10 and 12 degrees are best for exercise in order to increase endurance.

Make your brain work better

Studies show that our brains work better in cold weather, because lower body temperature makes the brain get more energy in the form of glucose, which in turn improves brain performance. Other studies have also shown that memory performance is better in cold weather.

But watch out!

Despite the benefits of exercising in cold weather, it is advised to stay away from it when one is sick or has a cold. It is also advised to avoid exercising in cold weather (below 10 degrees below zero). And it is definitely important to wear appropriate sportswear that is resistant to cold.