June 2, 2023


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Food and Drug Administration: 27 thousand new requests for pharmaceutical, herbal and veterinary products

The Food and Drug Authority has received more than 27,000 requests through the electronic drug registration system (Sedr) since its launch in its new version in mid-2021, while the system received, during the first half of 2022, more than 7,000 requests, and registered nearly a thousand medicinal, herbal and veterinary products And the number of certificates issued in the system exceeded more than a thousand certificates, and the requests included new registration, renewal and amendment of the data of a registered product.

The Food and Drug Administration stated that the new version of the Sidr system included many improvements in the user experience, such as shortening the registration time for companies, speeding up procedures, as well as activating alerts in the event of a change in the status of the request, and providing many services that included, the registration of a new product, and the amendment of the product. Application for a product registered in the system, canceling a product registration request, renewing the application for registration of products, and submitting an objection to the rejected applications in the electronic system.

The electronic drug registration system (Sedr) comes as a continuation of the authority’s efforts to improve the experience of customers and partners, keep pace with technical development, and facilitate procedures related to the registration of medicines and pharmaceutical products, to serve establishments registered with the authority, and to communicate with the drug sector through the system, and to provide a request for registration of pharmaceutical, herbal and veterinary products. , to ensure that it follows the requirements set by the authority to ensure the safety, security and efficacy of medicines. The system can be used through electronic services on the authority’s website.