June 7, 2023


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Extracting a nail from a child’s throat within two hours in Tabuk

A medical team specializing in ear, nose and throat surgery in the Tabuk region was able to save the life of a child who swallowed a metal nail that caused him to cut off air in the right lung by performing a two-hour surgery, which was crowned with success. Tabuk Health confirmed that the emergency doctors at King Khalid Hospital in Tabuk They received a case of a child suffering from severe pain in the throat and trachea, which immediately necessitated a clinical and radiological examination, which confirmed the presence of a metal object in the larynx that was more than a week old.

The team indicated that first aid was provided immediately after the arrival of the case, which suffers from a lack of air in the right lung, a severe rise in temperature, the onset of inflammation in the middle, and a crystalline infiltration in the lung. Ear, nose and throat, anesthesia department, and a solid bronchoscope, with the participation of pediatricians and intensive care for children, so that, thank God, the metal screw was extracted while it was in a state of rust, and the lung was completely cleaned of inflammation and rust, so that the right lung returned to work in its normal form, and then the child was transferred to the hospitalization department to follow up on his health condition from Before the nursing staff until the condition is stable and she is discharged from the hospital.

It is worth noting that King Khaled Hospital has performed over the past three months more than 1031 operations, including 381 emergency operations and 650 routine operations.