January 21, 2022


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Expert warns against keeping water for a long time in plastic

A Russian expert has warned of the dangers of storing water for a long time in a plastic bottle.

Yuri Gonchar, general manager of the Center for Master Control and Testing of Drinking Water, noted that such storage is harmful to health.

Gunchar said that many people use the plastic water bottle more than once, after the water is finished, they add new water to use more than once.

“We’re doing research on the total organic carbon content of bottled water, which is a cumulative indicator of the presence of organic compounds in the water that come into contact with the plastic.”

“We do it after a month, after six months, after a year and after 18 months, of having water in the plastic bottle,” he said.

The expert explained that the longer the water is stored in a plastic bottle, the more organic compounds harmful to humans accumulate in it.

“For 18 months, this number has exceeded all permissible maximum concentrations,” the expert continued.

He said that many of the substances that end up in drinking water from plastic are carcinogenic.

He stated that pouring hot water into a bottle or keeping it in the sun is dangerous.

According to him, when buying bottled water in a store, you need not only to check the date of packaging, but also to make sure that the word “natural” is on the label.