January 21, 2022


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Employment: employee loans, a solution to the crisis

Metallurgy is one of the sectors of industry most affected by the crisis. To avoid layoffs, some companies have found the solution: temporarily second their employees to another company. In his old company, Mewen Tauvy produced parts for aeronautics. Dnow he must bend jail to make refrigerated furniture. Without this employee loan, he would be unemployed today.

It allows us to work five days a week without having to stop. In terms of payroll, it can be felt, that’s why I accepted and then seeing something else is always good“, Explain Mewen Tauvy. In total, four volunteer employees have been welcomed since June. A good deal for the company and the loaned employee. All of his pay is paid by his original employer, reimbursed by the host company. No change in his employment contract; he still enjoys the same advantages.

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