June 2, 2023


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“Corona” attacks a Saudi doctor for the fourth time, despite “vaccinations”

“Say it will not happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us”..; With this noble verse, the artist and dermatologist, Dr. Haitham Mahmoud Shawli, began his speech after he was infected with the new Corona virus for the fourth time, despite having taken all the basic vaccinations and booster doses in addition to seasonal flu vaccinations. Health, details of his injury for the fourth time, by saying: Three days ago, I felt severe pain in my body and a cough, and this time the symptoms were not the same as before; Rather, it came strong, and I suspected that it might be “Corona”, because I had experienced these symptoms three times before, but this time the situation was different, so I took the examination and the result appeared positive and immediately isolated myself, and began taking the necessary treatments to preserve the safety of the family.

He added: My case may be one of the rare cases in which an individual is infected 4 times with the Corona virus, and this embodies the ability of mutants resulting from the main virus of Corona to infect the individual, but what is reassuring is that the individual does not reach a dangerous stage and complications, as was the case previously in the absence of vaccines, This is what makes the individual live with the disease without fear while taking the necessary treatments, isolation and complete rest.

Shawli believed that the Corona virus is considered the fiercest virus that the planet has faced because it infected millions and claimed the lives of millions, and its continuation to the present time through mutants embodies the extent of its danger, and this is what requires members of societies not to tolerate preventive requirements, because the virus situation still represents an emergency in the world. .

“Shawli” recorded his thanks and appreciation to everyone who was reassured about his condition and asked about his health, praying to God to heal him quickly and not to see any harm to anyone, and to perpetuate the blessing of health and wellness for everyone.

It is noteworthy that the artist, Doctor Haitham Shawli, presented a song via a video clip called “Oh Angels of Human Beings”, about the role of doctors and health staff in combating the Corona pandemic, and about sacrifices and suffering in saving humanity and humanity from this malicious Corona epidemic, from the words of Dr. Emad Zayour And composed by Issam Mustafa, montage and directed by Tamer Selim, and Mohamed Salah in the music arrangement. Shawli has also presented many awareness lectures since the start of the Corona pandemic, in addition to writing many articles on awareness and education related to Corona disease and its repercussions.