June 27, 2022


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Continuous training, the best ally for the development of business leaders

Between the management of the teams, the appointments with customers and suppliers, the business manager’s schedule is busy to say the least. What to do without training. “Many leaders have an image of training that is too academic,” laments Nathalie Carré, entrepreneurship expert at CCI France. Faced with a difficulty, most people think ‘lack of cash’ and not ‘unsuitable offer’. When we do not know the source of the problem, we do not seek training to remedy it. »

However, whether it is traditional training, stress management, digital or even ecological transition, the range is wide enough to meet all needs. “It is often during their development that business leaders see shortcomings emerge”, explains Patricia Leroy, training manager at BGE Loir-et-Cher and Eure-et-Loir, which offers short training courses supplemented by advice sessions. (coaching, follow-up) available in the form of vouchers.

“By increasing operational efficiency thanks to new tools, we generate more turnover,” says Nathalie Carré. There is a real return on investment! » A point of view shared by Vincent HapelManaging Director of Ruel Labels : “I felt the need to review the fundamentals of the job of manager. This entrepreneur opted for the School of Managers, an 18-month training course within the CCI of Poitiers. “This training, generally on Fridays and Saturdays, is global, on sales, HR, management, he describes. But it is above all the strategy aspect that has been the most useful to me. It allows you to acquire a clear vision of the evolution of your company in the long term. Essential ! » With a promotion of 5 leaders, a network of former leaders and trainers, the isolation of the entrepreneur is over!

Lots of help

Less widespread than the training of employees, the continuous training of managers is nevertheless a right. Through professional development advice (mon-cep.org), business leaders can set up a training plan free of charge. Often expensive, these training courses are fully or partially covered. A business manager has a personal training account (CPF), funded up to 500 euros per year, within the limit of 5,000 euros. Self-employed workers can also claim top-ups from their training insurance fund (FAF). There is also the training tax credit, open to any business taxed under the actual regime. Its amount is equivalent to the number of hours of training (limited to 40 per calendar year) × hourly SMIC (i.e. 419.20 euros for 2022). The finance law for 2022 doubles this amount for micro-enterprises. For his part, Vincent Hapel confides that the cost of his training “around 10,000 euros, was financed by the region”.

It remains to find the appropriate training. A complicated choice as there are so many! “You have to identify your needs, if necessary with outside help, advises Nathalie Carré. Moncompteformation.gouv.fr is a good lead because the training courses are already filtered. Then you have to ask yourself the question of the form: long, face-to-face hybrid. Business owners can turn to CCIs, chambers of trade, support networks or business schools, not forgetting Afpa and professional federations.

Finally, be careful not to respond to untimely requests. “Many leaders are constantly approached for training,” reports Patricia Leroy. His advice to avoid scams: manage your CPF space directly and use identified structures.