November 30, 2021

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“Companies lack products, staff”

Jean-Thomas Schmitt is wary of 2022. “The economy has picked up but there are bottlenecks that will create stop-and-go in the transport of products. The volumes will be more hieratic ”, explains the boss of the transporter. Heppner.

After having experienced the first confinement with “the fear of falling”, the family ETI surfed on the recovery with a turnover that will border on 800 million euros in 2021, up 7% compared to 2019. She repaid her EMP of 45 million euros in the spring.

A structural impact on the activity

The Covid crisis had a structural impact on activity. “The flows have changed typology, with more e-commerce, especially in large cities. In our Courneuve branch, for example, we are now 18% e-commerce, ”explains Jean-Thomas Schmitt. An evolution that degrades productivity because “going upstairs to deliver a private individual is not like delivering a store in Paris”.

Another post-Covid finding. “We are at the heart of contradictory injunctions. In B to B, our clients’ customers are encouraged to bulk up their orders to reduce costs and impact on the environment, but at the same time the logic of e-commerce generates smaller shipments. “

Basically, the economic situation also questions Jean-Thomas Schmitt. “Sometimes I have the impression that we are reaching the end of the system. The companies lack products, people. We have to fight for a few components. This is all a little Kafkaesque. “

A problem of social cohesion

Retaining staff is the leader’s priority for 2022. He wants to reduce a turnover which rose to 15% in 2021, by improving career prospects and the feeling of belonging. “An agency that has a high employee satisfaction rate also has a high customer satisfaction rate,” he emphasizes. The ETI must also manage absenteeism of 4.59% over twelve months, against 3.7% in 2019.

Recruitment is the second challenge. “There is an effervescence linked to a post-Covid catching-up effect. It’s ultra-complicated to recruit in digital, for example. We have five positions in this area that have been vacant for a year. “

Like many companies, Heppner faces the challenge of digital recruitment.

Finally, the ETI is very attentive to the impact of teleworking. “This can create a problem of social cohesion between executives who stay at home two days a week and material handlers who see it as a privilege. “

Activity : haulage
Turnover : nearly 800 million euros expected in 2021
Workforce : 3,570 employees
Location : Rosny-sous-Bois (93)