March 25, 2023

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Ashjan Al-Masoudi: Cosmetic operations, some of them distorted, and filters reduced skin care

Consultant dermatologist, Dr. Ashjan Al-Masoudi, said that the phenomenon of using filters started with social media applications as an idea to create a quick, temporary and fake facelift, noting that the demand for them has reached, in many cases, an “obsession” and a distortion of the personal and real mental image, and she added: We as dermatologists and plastic surgeons are the ones who notice this Mental distortion of the images of people in their imaginations, and we are facing in clinics now a lot of requests, whether from women or men, to perform cosmetic procedures that are exaggerated and out of all standards of natural beauty, which is varied and suitable for each person according to the dimensions of his aesthetic face.

While desires share an unhealthy and unprecedented similarity in treatment and cosmetic procedures

(A wide eye, a delicate nose, and lips that went beyond being healthy, moist, and suitable for the dimensions of the face, to being the largest in size and the most eye-catching, and some people say, “I want it to show on my face that I am pushing it.” We also notice the delay in solving skin problems due to the lack of focus on skin and skin care. Because they look at themselves through filters more than looking in the mirror!!

While the focus of many people on the use of filters caused the emergence of two main problems: the neglect of many people for their real skin problems, and the second was the patients’ dissatisfaction with the procedures suggested by the doctor after studying the dimensions of the face and what it actually needs in order for the face to become more symmetrical and closer to natural beauty.

Dr. Ashjan expressed her astonishment at the trade practiced by some clinics in many countries with people’s faces without studying the dimensions of each face according to what suits him and what does not suit him without exaggerations or submissiveness to the requests of some auditors that cause clear and sometimes disastrous differences between natural and artificial beauty, especially in women, stressing that The doctor’s role is important in providing appropriate and correct advice for each case.

She concluded her speech to Al-Madina, saying: We all have to enhance the true natural beauty and try to dispense with filters as much as possible, even if gradually, in order to get to know our faces, accept their beauty, and address their problems, in a way that makes us satisfied and content with our forms in our real reality, and not by falsifying deceptive filters for its user before To be deceiving to people.