June 2, 2023


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Apple unveils iPhone 12, its first 5G compatible smartphone

Finally ! As (much) expected, Apple has just unveiled the new model of its flagship smartphone, the iPhone 12, the first version compatible with 5G. If it arrives more than a year after the equivalents of rivals Samsung and Huawei, the already nicknamed “ iPhone 5G “Comes at the right time, when telecom operators can begin to deploy their antennas, to meet the promise summarized by Apple:” Hi, Speed “(Literally” Hello, speed “, Which can also be understood as” high speed “).

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With 5G, we are truly entering a new era “, Boasts Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, in front of a huge logo of the network. ” Apple is right to launch 5G technology now because the smartphone renewal cycle will allow it to build new experiences within two or three years ”, summarizes Thomas Husson, principal analyst at the firm Forrester. Since the first model, it’s always the iPhone that marks the take-off of technologies, and this latest one should launch the adoption of 5G. Futuresource Consulting thus predicts that sales of 5G smartphones will increase from 145 million in 2020 to 303 million next year, and 515 million in 2022.

Apple CEO Tim Cook at a presentation conference for the new iPhone, Tuesday, October 13

But 5G is not the only argument for the new iPhone 12. The design has been (very, very, very) slightly adjusted to make it thinner (by 11%) and smaller (by 15%), while keeping the same screen size. You really have to see models 11 and 12 side by side and squint your eyes to see the differences.

On the side of the other promises, we find a sharper and more solid screen (announced ” four times more resistant to falls “), A more powerful A14 Bionic processor (” 50% faster than other smartphones “), Better cameras (” the best photo and video quality in the industry “), Improved wireless charging (” faster “,” easier ”Thanks to a new magnetic charger called“ MagSafe ”).

In detail of the versions, Apple offers four variations:

  • an iPhone 12 “Mini” with a 5.4-inch screen, sold from 809 euros;
  • a classic iPhone 12, with 6.1-inch screen, sold from 909 euros;
  • an iPhone 12 “Pro”, with a 6.1-inch screen and equipped with a third photo sensor on the back, sold from € 1,159;
  • and an iPhone 12 “Pro Max”, with a large 6.7-inch screen and three cameras, sold from 1,259 euros.
All iPhone available after new Apple announcements

All iPhone available after new Apple announcements

Particularity (filouterie?) Of these models: the iPhone 12 will be delivered without headphones and without a complete charger to connect it to an electrical outlet (only a charging cable terminated by the USB-C plug will be present). Apple makes the ecological argument, and 2 million CO2 emissions avoided. On the other hand, no effort is made on the price …

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Finally, in addition to its phone, Apple presented a new connected speaker, called HomePod mini, displayed at 99 euros. The speaker is also the interface to control by voice (Siri) all the accessories of all his connected house (lights, shutters, etc.). Gagdet, but much more affordable than the previous version (at 349 euros).

Apple's new HomePod mini connected speaker

Apple’s new HomePod mini connected speaker