March 25, 2023

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An emergency treatment plan saves a girl from cerebral meningitis

A medical team in Bisha governorate ended the suffering of a child by developing a treatment plan to control acute inflammation of the brain and cerebral meninges and liver failure. The health department in Bisha said that the medical team at the Maternity and Children Hospital received a case of a 3-year-old girl suffering from a respiratory complaint. , and the presence of symptoms such as fever, cold, and cough, and she gradually began to lose consciousness, with seizures, as a result of which she was admitted to the intensive care unit to provide close treatment services to control the child’s condition.

The medical team treating the case added that medical and laboratory tests were performed, a biopsy of cerebrospinal fluid, magnetic resonance imaging, and an EEG were performed due to the child’s need for artificial intubation. She had symptoms of muscle tension in the joints, severe relaxation in the back and neck, and she lost the ability to swallow and speak. She was not aware of her surroundings, nor to recognize her parents, and she had seizures and muscle disorders.

The specialized team of pediatric emergency, intensive care and neurologists decided to put the child in the intensive care unit and treat her with antivirals and antibacterials, as well as antibody treatment and medications for spasms and muscle disorders.

It is worth noting that (4061) beneficiaries were received in hospital emergencies during the past month, in addition to receiving (4109) beneficiaries for outpatient services, and the number of inpatients reached (901), and (466) surgical patients were performed.