August 12, 2022

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Amélia Matar, educating digitally with Colori

The winner is her. At 37, Amelia Matar was awarded last week the Bold Future Award, the prize that the champagne house Veuve Clicquot awards to promising startuppers. With his company Colori, founded in 2018, Amélia takes the gamble of introducing young children to digital technology… without a screen! “The objective is to give keys to reading and to develop the critical spirit of 3-8 year olds, through playful activities, from cutting to collage”, explains the entrepreneur, alternating with a grinning smile when he is ‘concerns her projects, and a darkened gaze, at the evocation of societal issues that she has touched closely.

Boning TVs

Born in Seine-Saint-Denis, this daughter of a receptionist and a technician at Darty who sharpened her technological curiosity by boning televisions with her, was ahead of the footballer Kylian MBappé on the school benches Pasteur, in Bondy.

But the youngest of a reconstituted family of four children was soon exfiltrated from a college in the priority education zone where one of her comrades had been “stabbed to death”. In the process, the student goes from “best of the class to an average level”. But convinced, very young, that her future rests on academic success, this insatiable reader connects hypokhâgne, a DEUG in modern letters at the Sorbonne and Grenoble EM.

Mission to Mexico

With this management school, this granddaughter of a Martinican and a Guadeloupe (one of the first women of color to join the French army in 1944) takes part in a humanitarian mission in Mexico, alongside children. streets. The “almost traumatic” confrontation with economic and emotional misery left traces, later guiding his desire to undertake education.

Another click, his professional encounter with digital, at Oxfam, Bitdefender or Greenpeace, where this follower of meditation is a community manager. “There, I understood that digital really kicked me,” recalls this mother of two young children. Follows the position of Marketing Director at Numa, a hub of Parisian start-ups, which, at the forefront of questions of impact, has added an additional piece to the puzzle it wishes to put together.

Hayot the robot

So, while the foundations of her project are taking shape, namely education, technology and social and environmental responsibility, Amélia Matar is getting her business back on track. “She has an entrepreneurial soul, very square and structured, but above all endowed with great emotional intelligence”, gauges Juliette Hirtz, of the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (Cnil). And this friend adds that “Amélia puts entrepreneurship at the service of a great cause, with the aim of making others grow.”

In fact, Amélia Matar employs five full-time people and around twenty animators. While the Colori concept has already been sold to around a hundred schools, its objective is to accelerate on the leisure center side, because “our workshops on algorithms, the binary system, artificial intelligence and even components digital are as well suited to school times as to times of extracurricular activities “, assures the one who says” passionate, even die-hard, and therefore sometimes very demanding “.

While it also intends to develop the training of animators of the Colori method, this close to the numerical scientist Aurelie Jean, of which she “devours the popularization books of algorithms”, decompresses via writing. As a child, she reproduced, in comic strips, scenes from the television soap opera her grandparents watched. And Amélia Matar, already author of the tale “Hayo the robot”, which is used for the digital initiation of toddlers, is preparing to publish her first novel at Eyrolles, in the spring. The story of a little girl from a privileged background, raised by a nanny… from Bondy. The circle is complete.