March 25, 2023

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Al-Nabhani General Hospital receives CBAHI accreditation

Al-Qassim Health Cluster achieved a new success represented by Al-Nabhani General Hospital obtaining the accreditation of the Saudi Center for Accreditation of Healthcare Facilities (CBAHI), after the hospital passed the stage of comprehensive examination and evaluation, ensuring that basic standards and requirements were met, and adherence to the application of quality specifications to provide medical care and patient safety. He explained. The assembly said that this accreditation is in addition to a series of previous achievements achieved in aspects of implementing development plans and improvement programs for health services provided to beneficiaries, noting that the total number of public hospitals in the region that obtained accreditation from CBAHI reached ten hospitals, stressing that it pays great attention to aspects of applying standards Quality, development of its contents, continuous improvement of services provided to auditors in all health facilities and facilities, and obtaining more local and international accreditation certificates and licenses, in a way that meets the desired aspirations.

The gathering indicated that granting accreditation certificates from the Saudi Center indicates the extent of discipline in providing quality and safety standards when providing treatment services and care to beneficiaries and activating their levels in line with the requirements set by the Saudi Center for Accreditation of Health Institutions, and in a way that enhances the level of confidence among patients in the quality and quality of services provided. It coincides with health transformation initiatives and the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.