June 2, 2023


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Al-Ghamdi: Nursing support and development achieves quality standards in health care

The Vice President of the Second Riyadh Health Cluster for Nursing Affairs, Dr. Khaled Al-Ghamdi, affirmed; The nursing profession is an indispensable pillar to reach the best quality standards in health care.

During his patronage, Al-Ghamdi called for honoring (120) nurses from all components of the assembly on the occasion of the Nursing Day under the slogan “Nursing is a voice for leadership – investing in nursing and respecting rights to secure global health”, in King Fahd Medical City, to ensure the development of their professional competence and the search for possibilities that refine and develop them. .

Al-Ghamdi said, “Let us continue to move towards ensuring health for all, and raising the development of the nursing profession, pointing out that the Saudi nurse showed remarkable flexibility and leadership in many different ways in the fields of his practical mission.”

explained; Employment in the nursing profession is still increasing, and nurses play an important role in the health care process.

For his part, Director of Nursing Education Department at King Fahd Medical City, Muhammad Al-Shahrani, said that despite the transformations and challenges, the nursing staff continues to exceed their roles and responsibilities, dedicate their time and sacrifice for the benefit of patients and the institution.

Al-Shahrani indicated that the nursing profession has witnessed a change over the past years in various fields, stressing that the Saudi nurse has become a model in improving the quality of health care for patients.

After that, the ceremony witnessed the honoring of nurses from all components of the assembly, for their excellence in performing their work and their effective participation in serving patients and their families.

It is worth noting that the Department of Nursing Education annually holds approximately (85 – 110) training courses and workshops, and (4,916) direct training was held in the departments for the first quarter of this year, including (2449) training according to the educational plan and outside it, based on the needs of the departments (2481)

In addition, approximately (250) male and female nursing internship students are practically trained in nursing departments for a period of (12) months, in order to complete the graduation requirements from several universities. The Nursing Department in the second Riyadh Health Cluster aims to increase the number of nursing excellence trainees and raise the capacity to (500) trainees, and nearly (1200) nursing students are trained in the components of the cluster to teach them nursing skills based on their programs and the requirements of university subjects, in addition to ( 138) Scholarship from the Nursing Department.