October 19, 2021


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Agha explains the causes of “early puberty in children”

Professor of Pediatrics, Endocrinology and Diabetes at King Abdulaziz University, Professor Abdul Moeen Eid Al-Agha, called not to ignore cases of children that show signs of early puberty, in order to discuss the causes and early intervention, as well as how to prevent the occurrence of early puberty in children due to external factors, to enable children to The correct growth, until their height becomes similar to the height of a normal adult.

Al-Agha said during his hosting on Zad Scientific Channel: The cases of early puberty require research to find out the causes and therapeutic intervention in order for the child to grow properly, as puberty is a process in which the shape of the body changes and some hormonal changes occur in the body of girls and boys, including an increase in testosterone in males and estrogen. In the female, this is called sexual development, but in the case of increased muscle mass and changes in the vocal cords, such as the roughness of the male voice, it is called physical growth. Phase.

He pointed out that there are types of early puberty, which are:

Central precocious puberty, which depends on the secretion of GNRH hormone, which is secreted from the hypothalamus gland of the brain, and its secretion is early, which leads to an increase in pituitary hormones and then ovarian hormones in girls, and testes in boys, which results in central early puberty .

Peripheral early puberty, which results from an increase in the peripheral glands, not the central, meaning that puberty is caused by increased secretions of adrenal gland hormones (androgens) or an increase in estrogen secreted from the ovaries due to tumors or cysts in the ovary, and the same thing in males where hormones are secreted Androgens (testosterone of the testicle).

Joint puberty, between central and peripheral puberty.

Regarding the factors affecting normal puberty, he continued, saying: There are several factors, including:

Heredity: has a role in determining the age of puberty in both sexes.

⁃ Ethnicity: Some peoples delay puberty, such as Japan or China, and in others puberty occurs early, such as the peoples of hot regions.

⁃ Obesity: It plays a major role in early puberty, especially in females, as fat cells secrete leptin peptide, which stimulates the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis.

⁃ Environmental factors: play an important role in the start of puberty in females, such as: the presence of plant estrogen in agricultural crops and animal meat products, as well as industrial estrogen in petrochemical products such as: plastic and nylon, all of which significantly changed the dates of puberty in females And contributed to its early occurrence, which has become a nuisance to many families, in addition to the increased use of creams or ointments containing estrogen or testosterone or other preparations containing these hormones (such as medicines or nutritional supplements used by adults), as they increase the risk of the child developing early puberty. .

And about the treatment, Al-Agha concluded by saying: The treatment depends on knowing the cause of the occurrence, and the main goal of treatment is to enable the child to grow properly. Bone gaps can lead to early stunting, and consequently short stature later, along with psychological, social and behavioral pressures due to physical and hormonal changes resulting from early puberty that children have no experience with, as children may be mocked by their peers because of it, also the difficulty of female adaptation Women who reach menstruation before the age of 9, while wearing and changing sanitary pads.