June 2, 2023


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A group of experts and specialists participate in the Second National Heart Forum in Riyadh

The Assistant Minister of Health, Dr. Muhammad bin Khalid Al-Abdali, inaugurated today in the city of Riyadh the works of the “Second National Heart Forum in the Kingdom”, which is organized by the Saudi Health Council – represented by the National Heart Center – in which a group of experts, speakers and specialists in the field of heart from Various health and related sectors; In order to discuss heart diseases, virtual cardiac care, and future directions for the development of health care provided to heart patients in the Kingdom. Dr. Al-Abdali stressed that the health services provided in the Kingdom related to the field of heart care and services, its centers, programs and initiatives are of great importance and priority to the Ministry of Health, adding that the advanced services The programs that provide knowledge in the Kingdom’s centers in various fields of heart are not only distinguished, but also have an influential value at the local, regional and international levels.

And he indicated that the Kingdom is full of scientists and experts who are considered an important safety valve and gateway, pointing to the importance of cardiology in the Kingdom, which stems from several causative factors, some of which are related to matters that may be related to genes and some may be related to acquired, stressing the importance of the forum that brings together experts and scientists from inside and outside the Kingdom; To discuss and discuss all that is new, important and valuable in the science of cardiology, explaining that the National Heart Center, since its inception, has presented many qualitative national initiatives; Including: preparing and publishing guidelines for cardiovascular diseases, implementing many educational and development activities for service providers, establishing a national registry for heart diseases, preparing a national program to raise the efficiency and quality of work of heart centers in the Kingdom, in addition to preparing a project for an ambulatory safety system in the public locations in which it is located. human gatherings, and other important national initiatives and projects.

For his part, the Director General of the National Heart Center, Dr. Adel bin Abdul Qadir Tash, stated that the forum will address many important topics related to the field of heart. Including: improving the course of cardiac health care, value-based cardiac health care, and modern limited interventions in the field of cardiac surgery, as well as highlighting the virtual cardiac care in the Virtual Health Hospital (medical education through direct live transmission of surgical cases), in addition to the challenges of supply companies And medicines in the field of heart and blood vessels during the health transformation journey in the Kingdom, pointing out that the establishment of an innovation hackathon in the field of cardiovascular health is to find innovations that contribute to improving the health of the heart and blood vessels in the Kingdom.